Our craftsmanship, choice of leather and the modern take on it is what makes us, and you, a legacy.

The experience, process and the artisans make us who we are. Ever wondered what it means to be timeless? Our philosophy is a living proof. 

The functional design sensibilities, material and contemporary interpretations and our tribute to the craftsmanship is the story we want to tell you about. There’s a certain romance, a certain longing, a certain sensuality in what our designs depict. Our name stands by us and believes in a strong value system, a firm hold on what our origins stand for and a substantial understanding on where our raw materials come from.

Our unique amalgamation of craftsmanship with contemporary designs and functional elements is what makes us who we are. We let you discover your inner self and express yourself the way you want to. Our designs let you do that. You are an individual and our aim is to create designs that make you, more you.