Created, conceptualized, and crafted by the team of Cinturones Alvi India Private Limited. Crust was born out of the passion to bring the class of leather right to the masses. Inspired by the very ethics that leather stands for, Crust aspires to give everybody the opportunity to leave a legacy. Leather may stand for generations, but the products at Crust tie together the tradition of leather with the face of modernity to bring style and class to the younger generations. Elegant, sophisticated, yet stylish and easy, Crust is the easy choice for the man starting his first job, the boy going off to college, and the guy looking to impress his loved one.


Crust Accessories products have been crafted from carefully chosen premium leathers that have witnessed a diverse process, to lend it the experienced handmade touch. With proper care, your leather product will fulfill its purpose of being your loyal companion for years, and delight each one of its onlookers too! Leather changes its appearance over a period of time, accounting for its organic character. Tiny irregularities such as insect bites, wrinkles and vein marks are incorporated to showcase each product’s natural uniqueness and handcrafted nature.
Leather does not crack or peel over time in normal conditions. To maintain its charm, avoid exposure to excessive humidity and heat. In case your leather product gets wet, absorb the residual water with a clean cloth and allow it to air dry.