Tying It All Up: Belts

A good belt is like a good ribbon on your outfit; it just ties it all up to give that finishing touch and that feeling of an ‘oomph’ factor to the entire package. But if done without any knowledge of the shapes, sizes, and options available, it can ruin the best outfits and attract a lot of unwanted attention to your midsection.

The waist around a person’s body is often like the horizon in a far-off scenery; it can make or break the larger image in terms of overall appeal, so what happens when one wants to enhance the look of the same?

The simple task, done right, confirms you as a man who knows his clothes. A mismatch or other error shows that you still need to learn more about dressing well. A belt as a product might look very easy to carry on, but if not matched with the proper outfit or style, it can make your outfit look horribly wrong with all eyes attracted towards your waist.

The two most popular ones being the Dress belt(Formal Belt) and the Casual Belt.

Although different widths indicate different occasions as mentioned above, for instance:-

I. 30-32 mm – A 30 mm belt is a formal belt.

–Generally for guys who have a waist below 34” for all styles. –In general worn with tapered, skinny jeans or formal trousers.

– Formal belts are mostly identified through their clean and simple design language and plain aesthetics.


II. 35mm –A formal to a casual belt, depending upon the belt look.

– Goes well with denim, chinos and heavier fabrics.

– Generally catering to semi-formals event and instances


III. 38-40 mm –Definitely casual.

– Comes in a variety of prints, different buckle styles can be worn with a larger chunk of clothing in your wardrobe.

– Goes well with jeans and casual trousers.