Take Care Of Your Leather Wallet

Regardless of how sturdy leather is in its physicality, it is a material that needs care to maintain its charm. Though it is more robust and stronger than most of the naturally available alternatives, if not cared for properly, your quintessential accessory, the leather wallet, will not retain its beauty for long. Leather, due to its origin and handcrafted nature, is a high maintenance material that needs regular care if you want it to last long. So, if you want your leather wallet to last long, you must look after it. With our years of experience in handling leather with care and love, we have put down a very simple leather care list that every leather lover must know and follow to retain the beauty of their leather product.

1. “Respect the space your wallet has.” It is the era of going comfortable and light, as this suggests, even your wallet deserves to be light. Don’t stuff your leather wallet, instead, make a wise choice while buying your wallet that fits every essential you want to carry.

2. “Your wallet needs regular care.” Just like any other daily-use accessory, even your leather wallet needs regular care. On a daily basis, you should give your leather wallet a break, take everything out and clean it generously with a cotton cloth.

3. “Leather cleaner for leather wallets.” Only leather cleaning solutions/creams should be used to clean leather goods. DIY methods available on the internet aren’t friendly for all types of leather, and a patch test should be done before trying on the most visible surface. Any cleaning agent will influence the colour of your leather wallet, so it is suggested that one should always do a patch test first.

4. “Store with awareness.” Just like our skin, the leather needs to breathe. Whenever you plan to store your leather accessory for long, make sure that you don’t wrap it in plastic bags/containers. Use a breathable fabric or cotton covers to store.

5. “In case of a liquid spill, don’t wipe but blot.” Unlike plastic, leather tends to absorb liquid. In case of such disasters, one should not wipe as that would help the liquid to spread and get absorbed even more quickly. Instead one should blot the leather with fabric to absorb the liquid.

6. “Protect it from extreme temperatures.” Keep your leather away from high temperatures, especially extreme heat. Heat exposure can cause the pigmented finish to bubble and peel away.

7. “Protect from moisture and water.” Waterproofing creams should be used to protect leather from moisture under humid conditions. A top-coat of leather conditioner should be applied to your leather wallet after the application of the water-proofing agent.