Sleek Wallets For Men & Women

We come across so many people every day, especially women, who complain about the insufficient storage capabilities of their clothing pockets.

There’s a world of people out there, ready to con you at a moments’ notice, so keeping your wallets in the back pocket isn’t an option anymore. Being a wallet brand, we interact with potential consumers every day - a common concern that people have is that nowadays, wallets aren’t pocket-friendly (in terms of size).

Well, simply put, the fashion industry sometimes seems to take men for granted! The underlying assumption is, “No outfit is complete without a bag”!

As a result, many people who want to go easy on their travel bags are compelled to carry something extra or otherwise leave behind their essentials because their pockets can’t take anymore stuffing! Women, on the other hand, have been a major victim of the assumption that “Women carry bags, not wallets”.


So what do we see? Clothing for women will always focus more on the fit and less on its practical usage!

Hey, women need pockets too! What may have started as a style statement has become a conventional norm, and no one’s happy with it anymore! There are very few brands out there that want to or are addressing this need.

For many women, buying a wallet isn’t a sensible deal as it ultimately gets lost in the folds of their bags. So they end up carrying all their essentials in a tiny pocket inside the bag, which ends up looking both safe and accessible. But who’s happy carrying all that extra weight?

The entire point of travelling light and easy is lost in the folds of that same bag! It seems the cry for humble pocket size has gone unheard! Since the apparel industry isn’t ready to believe that there are ladies who don’t want to carry their wallets in their bags, we wanted to bring you a solution, and we have it!

Crust is dynamic, ready to learn and adapt to our ever-evolving audience! It is because of this enthusiasm that we want all you ladies to try our mini wallets and smart cardholders.

These wallets won’t compromise on the functionality of a regular wallet and will easily fit in the smallest jeans pocket without any hassle! Hey, the pockets may be smaller, but you’re still allowed to travel light!


Let the pockets be small, we create wallets for the time, with the time, and go smaller still!

Embrace imperfections